Suzelle Mostert – The Road to Recovery

Suzelle Mostert is a very energetic 38-year-old female and on the morning of Wednesday 18 December 2019 Suzelle left early for work as she is accustomed to and filled her scooter at the filling station next to her work place. When it was time to pay she realised that she had left her wallet at home. As the attendants know her, they had no problem for her to settle the fuel bill later in the day.

As it was still early, she decided to rather return home and collect her wallet to go back to the garage and pay for the fuel, than to wait and do it later in the day.

As she was on her way home and about to cross Atterbury Road, when a vehicle drove into her from the right side. So great was the impact that both her legs were broken in multiple places, as well as one knee, as the motor vehicle flipped her off the scooter and her full body was smashed into the bonnet and then the windscreen of the vehicle that had hit her.

She was stabilized by the first responders on the scene and then transferred to Steve Biko Academic Hospital. At the hospital she was admitted to the casualty ward. After x-rays and MRI scans different specialist evaluated her to confirm the trauma that she had suffered and what remedial action should be taken to repair the physical broken bones.

At long last on Thursday evening the 19th December 2019 after 20:00 the evening she was operated on to repair the damage to her legs and her knee.

Part of the procedures was the implantation of steel pins to attach the bones in both her legs, and one hip. Her damaged knee was also operated on in the same session.

From what we understand this is a very lengthy recovery and with her only recently being appointed in the new job a few months ago, we fear that her employer will not wait the required 4-6 months for her to fully recover.

It was not a pleasant call that summoned us to rush to the scene the morning of the accident and to see her that helpless in discomfort and pain on the ground. She was stabilized at the scene and then taken to hospital.

We are appealing to our family, friends and the public to please assist us as we need to raise R75 000 – R100 000 in order to buy her a hospital bed, a wheel chair, a walking frame and a carer for immediate assistance.

Further expected expenditures will be the costs for physiotherapy and other related therapy, medication and future follow-up procedures.

If the required sum of money is collected and enough is left after the before mentioned necessities, we would like to buy her a small second-hand vehicle as she will not be able to drive a motorcycle in the foreseeable future due to the injuries sustained.

Please find it in your hearts to assist, however you can.

To donate, scan the SnapScan QR Code or click here: and use reference “SM” or visit the BackaBuddy campaign here:

This must be seen as a warning to everybody to have at least a hospital plan, life happens, accidents happen, so always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Please note that any equipment (i.e. bed, wheelchair etc.) that we acquire for her rehabilitation will be donated to the Hospice after her rehabilitation is complete to “pay-it-forward”.

We thank you.